Counseling Sessions Available for Homeschoolers

Face Time or Skype, phone calls or emails are available, as well as in person

Free Homeschool Help sessions are available for an overview of homeschooling options.

Please email (the new email listed below will be available soon), but for now, is how I can be reached.

I am also available as an experienced homeschool consultant. This option will assist you to engage in effective methods and techniques to create a more peaceful and successful home education environment.

As a professional counselor, I will also counsel children, teens and parents through emotional challenges, relationship struggles or mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks or feelings of hopelessness/suicidal ideation or assessment of strong self-harm/suicidal warnings. Fear becomes obvious when challenges arise that families have not yet faced. Please call 231-303-7090 or email, if you are interested in a free consultation or would like to set up an appointment.

Ray of Hope Counseling Services, pllc
Nancy Grabill, MA, LLPC